Tufts Tech Transfer


The Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration (OTL&IC) is responsible for facilitating the transfer of Tufts technology for public use and benefit. OTL&IC evaluates, obtains proprietary protection for, and assists in the distribution of technology for research and commercial purposes. OTL&IC is responsible for transferring technology for commercial development by identifying potential markets and negotiating license agreements with industry partners, be they large or start-up companies.


Kenneth Fan, E’01, F’07

Kenneth Fan serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Tufts University’s Office for Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration. He’s passionate about helping students, faculty and staff develop ideas for new ventures. Kenneth was the co-founder, President, CFO, and COO of Addgene, a biotech company based in Cambridge, MA. He co-founded Addgene in 2004 to help life scientists share important research tools called plasmids. Kenneth led business efforts to grow the company from a startup into a global business. Today, Addgene distributes over 100,000 biological samples to scientists in over 80 countries each year. Kenneth developed the business into an innovative self-sustaining non-profit company with over $10 million in annual revenues, 50 employees, strategic partners in Asia, and a branch office in the United Kingdom. Kenneth was also the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LabLife, a company which developed software solutions for life scientists.

Kenneth received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Tufts University and his Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts. Prior to co-founding Addgene and LabLife, Kenneth was an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse’s Technology Group in Palo Alto, CA.

Kenneth can be reached at kenneth.fan@tufts.edu.






Specific Objectives: 

  • Catalyze the transfer of Tufts technologies for global public benefit.

  • Protect Tufts innovations to enhance their value in the marketplace.

  • Promote new ventures through start-up creation.

  • Provide resources to the Tufts community on matters relating to intellectual property protection, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.

  • Foster innovation by generating an income stream that supports research at Tufts.

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