Tufts Entrepreneurs Society

The Tufts Entrepreneurs Society’s mission is to provide robust resources and a close-knit community for student entrepreneurs through workshops, events, and the Venture Lab

Contact: Shreenath Bhanderi




Tufts MAKE is a team-based design group that explores new ideas by making awesome things. Each week we learn about and practice each phase of the product design process by working on a variety of cool projects. Along the way we invite guests and visit local companies to understand how real-world professionals solve design problems. We then apply what we learn from those experts and each other to make whatever it is that we’re interested in making. Oh, and we have a ton of fun along the way.

Contact: Andy Braren



Fletcher International Business Club

The International Business Club (IBC) is one of the largest student organizations at The Fletcher School. Our popularity is a reflection of widespread student interest in global business issues and private sector career paths.  As such, the club is dedicated to creating opportunities for members to engage with these issues and explore these careers.  We do so by organizing site visits to companies in Boston, New York and Washington, DC; hosting business leaders from around the world to speak on campus; organizing workshops around key business skills; and supporting platforms, such as the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition, for showcasing and discussing global business ideas outside the classroom.

Contact: Anjali Shrikhande



Tufts Biomedical Business Club

Adam Wieschhaus, Bina Julian, Andrew Coppage, Jennifer Nwankwo & Michael Baldwin of the Tufts Biomedical Business Club

Adam Wieschhaus, Bina Julian, Andrew Coppage, Jennifer Nwankwo & Michael Baldwin of the Tufts Biomedical Business Club

The Tufts Biomedical Business Club (TBBC) is an active, business-oriented organization of scientists and physician scientists with the goal of bridging business and science. TBBC's mission is to promote professional development by building a foundation of core business and translational skills by connecting its members to educational, professional and networking opportunities.  To further this mission, TBBC has hosted speakers spanning a broad range of business perspectives, created educational resources in collaboration with the Hirsch Health Sciences Library, and engaged its members through case study group sessions and biotech journal club discussions.  We are always looking for connections to Boston’s biotech community, professional opportunities, sponsorship for new initiatives, and enthusiastic members.

Contact: Bina Julian



180 Degrees Consulting

Our mission is to strengthen the ability of socially conscious organizations in the Greater Boston Area to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions. Through this effort we hope to provide a transformational experience for Tufts University students by creating the opportunity to receive real world consulting experience in a colligate environment.  

Contact: Ben Berman

A 180 Degrees Project Team

A 180 Degrees Project Team



TEDxTufts →

TEDxTufts serves as a catalyst for connecting provocative thinkers with provocative doers, by showcasing the ideas, stories, and experiences of those in the Tufts community. (Born from the team that created the Tufts Idea Exchange "TEX"). The event will be held on April 17, 2015.

Contact: Slide Kelly 



Tufts MedStart

MedStart is a Tufts MD/MBA student-run organization dedicated to the cultivation and advancement of global entrepreneurship in healthcare. We support the research, development, and business implementation of disruptive innovations and technologies that improve the quality and productivity of healthcare delivery.  MedStart strives to encourage future physicians and health care personnel to keep an open mind and facilitate exposure to a wide array of innovations in the field as they progress through medical school, residency, and beyond.

Contact: Mahima Vijay & Paran Yap



Tufts Computer Science Exchange →

Tufts CSX is an independent, student-run organization promoting computer science education and providing a platform for intellectual exchange. They bring in student speakers to share their passions and areas of expertise with the group, as well as teachers, faculty, and guest lecturers from both academia and industry.

Contact: CSX E-Board



Tufts Consulting Collective →

The purpose of the Tufts Consulting Collective is to address the lack of consulting resources and preparation available for students interested in pursuing consulting as a career path. Our means of achieving this purpose are threefold: facilitate group workshops and activities, engage in consulting projects for local businesses, startups and non-profits, and to learn from consultants and industry experts. The combination of these three resources allows students to not only better their application when applying to consulting opportunities but also to better prepare for long-term careers in consulting. This organization gives students the ability to receive hands on learning with real projects while also being overseen by our Professional Advisor Board, made up of leaders in the different industries of consulting.

Contact: Nick Judson



Tufts Archimedes Project →

The Archimedes Project is a social enterprise that ideates, incubates, and launches sustainable, scalable social enterprises around the world that leverage existing novel technologies to improve access to clean water and sanitation, fighting associated waterborne disease.  We are the Tufts student chapter, a brand new group on campus sponsored by the Tufts Institute for Innovation. This spring, we are hosting our first Ideation Lab at Tufts, the weekend of April 17-19, at which we will bring together 50 students from diverse disciplines and 15 professionals from academia, business, and NGOs to develop a sustainable, scalable business solution to improving access to sanitation in India.  We are currently in the process of becoming a larger year round movement and network at Tufts for students interested in leveraging entrepreneurship to improve access to clean water and sanitation around the world. 

Contact: Jordan Klein