The Tufts Entrepreneurial Alumni Network

The Tufts Entrepreneurial Alumni Network is committed to bringing together Tufts alumni across all business, professional, and education sectors to discuss challenges and opportunities related to entrepreneurship. The group is closely aligned with the Tufts Gordon Institute’s undergraduate Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.


Tufts Social Impact Network →

A group for Tufts alumni interested in the social impact field to network with each other, collaborate, and help current students drive social change.

Contact: Moises Cohen,


Tufts Alumni Network

The Tufts University Alumni Association, which was established in 1860 and now includes more than 100,000 Tufts graduates, welcomes participation from all its members. The Alumni Association strives to promote Tufts' spirit, tradition, and collegiality and to strengthen the links among our members and their alma mater. All graduates from any school or program at Tufts are automatically lifelong members, free of charge, of the Tufts University Alumni Association.