The Paul and Elizabeth Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement


Who should enter?

The Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement is an annual competition that helps kick-start future leaders in the business and non-profit world. Paul Montle, a 1969 alumnus, created the award to commend outstanding Tufts students who demonstrate entrepreneurial skills.

In 2016 the amount of the prize is up to $40,000 be awarded to one recipient or divided among two or three at most. The competition is open to Tufts undergraduate and graduate students in the Arts Science and Engineering Schools.

2016 Winners

Hujambo/BluCloud Prize Amount:  $10,000
Daniel McCormack A’19; Michael Morscher E’19

At Hujambo we saw that price of devices is the barrier to technology. We created a desktop, tablet, and smartphone which makes devices affordable to everyone on the planet. To do so we created BlueCloud, a revolutionary Operating System.

Mimir Insights Prize Amount:  $10,000
Ethan Kopit A’17; Ian Leaman A’17; Abdisalan Mohammud E’17; Arlo Clarke E’17; Gabriella Bova A’18; Collette King A’17; Jon Arbaugh A’17

Mimir is the first software platform for selling products and services to scientists.

N2-x Prize Amount: $5,000
Dhruv Khurana A’17

Revolutionizing bag buttons, N2-X through its adhesive backpack surface allows kids to throw on reconfigurable badges of their favorite cartoons and things they love on to their backpack to constantly show the world what they're "N-2."

Uji Showerhead Prize Amount: $5,000
Sam Woolf E’13, ME’17; Brett Andler E13; Tyler Wilson E’13

Save time, money, and the planet, all before your morning cup of coffee. The Uji Showerhead revolutionizes the traditional shower experience.

Honorable Mention

IncluDe Innovation CMS
Kristen Ransom E’13; Jaranne Celestine A’13; Adalberto Arroyo A’16; Jose Lopez A’17; Brianna Mignano A’17; Mark Davis; Garrett Ransom

Let's disrupt the web development industry! We're creating website builder that is the WordPress for accessible websites. With this builder, people can easily create stunning websites accessible for all, including those with disabilities.

Javier Garcia EM’17; John O’Sullivan; Billy Kelleher

Qipo solves the “many groups with many apps” problem with a shared messenger, calendar, and to-do list which brings all your groups into one interface. We sync with the tools they’re already using, making inter-group collaboration painless.