MedStart is a Tufts University School of Medicine and PHPD student-run organization dedicated to the cultivation and advancement of global entrepreneurship in healthcare. They support the research, development, and business implementation of disruptive innovations and technologies that improve the quality and productivity of healthcare delivery. MedStart strives to encourage future physicians and all other health care personnel to keep an open mind and facilitate exposure to a wide array of innovations in the field as they progress through medical school, residency, and beyond.

The first event was occurred in 2013 in a partnership between a Brandeis University graduate student (Yuval Barak-Corren), a Tufts University School of Medicine student (Eric Schwaber), and organization called 3DS with the help of two other medical students (Brian Like and Mayur Patel). MedStart was officially founded in 2014 by Brian, Mayur, and Eric. The event would not have been possible if it were not for the guidance and enthusiasm of the former director of the Tufts MD/MBA program, Prof. Joe Jabre, MD, MBA. In the first year, the organization partnered with Hacking Medicine at MIT and the Presidential Innovation Fellows program to create a “Blue Button Challenge.” The goal was simple: bring together bright and diverse minds from fields of study such as medicine, business, technology, and engineering to collaborate for one weekend to produce an innovative product and to run with that product by creating a startup company. This was a traditional three day startup competition with the theme of increasing health data access for patients. In the second year, the organization was led by Shernaz Dossabhoy, Rohan Jotwani, Damien Lazar, Mahima Vijay, Paran Yap, Courtney Scanlon, and Monica Stadecker. The theme was “Reinventing MedEd” which focused on innovation in medical education. 

The last Tufts Medstart was December 4th-5th, 2015. Look out for more information about the next competition.

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