The Fletcher Innovation Symposium

"Consumer Driven Innovation"

Hosted by: The Institute for Business in the Global Context, The Institute for Global Leadership, and The International Business Club at The Fletcher School

Many of the biggest challenges facing communities across the globe today involve lack of access and inclusion. Innovations have the potential to widen access and open economies, but innovation is meaningless unless it responds to customer needs. Today, more than ever, understanding the voice of the customer is critical to successful innovation. The Tufts Innovation Symposium places YOU, the customer, in the driver seat to develop a framework for inclusive innovation.

Last year the conference focused on bringing great ideas to scale. In its second year, the Tufts Innovation Symposium approached innovation through the perspective of the customer and asked how to design with your customer in mind. Look out for more information about the 3rd annual Innovation Symposium!


Invited Speakers May Include:

  • Designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs

  • Venture capitalists and accelerators

  • Multinational companies engaging in inclusive business activities

  • Grant-making organizations and impact investors

  • Academics and NGO practitioners focused on social entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Government officials focused on promoting innovation at the grassroots level and within government