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The winners of the 2013 Classic Business Plan Competition are:

First Place: Myoelectra

Presented by Cinzia Metallo, a graduate student in Tufts Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Science

Myoelectra has developed a novel electromyographic (EMG) electrode for rehabilitation of facial and throat muscles in patients suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

Second Place: Teemplay

Presented by Tufts University senior J Becket Linn

Teemplay proposes a videogame platform that will use crowdsourcing as a way to create new games

Third Place: MyPsych

Presented by Tufts School of Arts and Sciences senior Brandon Cohn along with David Conway

The MyPsych computer application and website proposes to streamline communication between therapists and their patients.

Honorable Mention


Presented by Tufts graduate students Amanda Baryshyan and Lindsay Wray and alumnus Evangelia Bellas
AllSilk proposes to develop all-natural personal care products for skin and hair using silk.


Proposed by Professor of Infectious Diseases and Global Health Sam Telford from Tufts’ Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
DeertickDrone is a robotic tick collector that sweeps outdoor areas of ticks.

Fibrofilms Biotechnology

Presented by Tufts Professor of Biomedical Engineering David Kaplan and Ph.D. candidates Andrew Reeves and Rod Jose
Fibrofilms Biotechnology proposes to use silk technology to create resorbable stents and end-to-end vessel couplers that release drugs to treat atherosclerosis and anastomotic stenosis.


Presented by Tufts alumnus Nathalie McClure along with Michael Batista, Stephen Dria, Hiren Mistry, and Hina, Shah, and James Su
SympSolutions proposes to provide non-invasive therapy for patients suffering from hypertension. The procedure would be conducted within a doctor’s office.

The winners of the 2013 Social Entrepreneurship Competition are:

First Place: EDx

Presented by Tufts alumnus Eileen Guo

EDx proposes a new diagnostic tool more multi-drug resistant tuberculosis which would provide results faster.

Second Place: Dexterity Global

Presented by Tufts freshman Sharad Sagar

Dexterity Global proposes to develop online and offline platforms to students in an effort to support and next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Third Place: Uji

Presented by Tufts seniors Brett Andler, Joo Kang, Tyler Wilson, and Sam Woolf

Uji is a showerhead that helps users save water by changing from green to red as users take longer showers.

Honorable Mention


Presented by Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy alumnus Frederick Meyer, along with David Hayes
Medivate is an online platform that proposes to help practitioners of mindfulness meditation maintain their meditation schedules


Presented by Tufts graduate student Celeo Guifarro
Prisna is a housing construction company with the objective of mass producing affordable housing in international communities.


Presented by Tufts engineering management graduate student Jeremy Jo along with Andrew Krulewitz
SmartShade is an insulated and reflective window shade for homes that would reduce heating and cooling costs.